Activity Name Theme Category Developed By
Virtual Lab environment for Biosafety simulations Biosafety Teaching Animations Biology IMTECH
To find the wavelength of given monochromatic source (LASER) Optical Fiber Lab Physics CSIO
To find the numerical aperture (NA) of the given optical fibre Optical Fiber Lab Physics CSIO
To measure hardness of water Water Analysis lab Chemistry CGCRI
To examine presence of arsenic in ground water Water Analysis lab Environment CGCRI
To measure electrical conductivity of water Water Analysis lab Chemistry CGCRI
Preparation of washing soap Washing soap lab Chemistry CGCRI
Processing of synthetic bone fillers Biomaterials lab Chemistry CGCRI
To manufacture commercial glasses Glass lab Generic(S&T) CGCRI
Ball Bearing Diagnosis Instrumentation lab Generic(S&T) NAL
Aircraft and Missile Engagement Simulation Aeronautics Simulation lab Computer(Robotics/software etc) NAL
Encoded Communication Using Morse Code Communications Lab Computer(Robotics/software etc) NAL
To determine pH value of a given sample using Universal Indicator Water Analysis Lab Chemistry NEERI
To determine dissolved oxygen of a river water Sample Water Analysis Lab Chemistry NEERI
Determination of Concrete Strength Concrete Testing Lab Generic(S&T) SERC
Building Vibration Structural Dynamics Lab Physics SERC
Stability Analysis of Arches Mechanics Lab Physics SERC
Vortex induced vibrations (VIV) around circular cylinder Mechanics Lab Physics SERC
Enzymatic unhairing Leather lab Environment CLRI
Supramolecular gels Gel Lab Chemistry CLRI
Meissner Effect Magnetism lab Physics CLRI